I create solutions using technology and describe how to make the most of it. The content (written, audio and video) aids productivity and helps folk get stuff done quicker. I love helping others find creative answers to their technical problems and have been doing so in a professional capacity for over 12 years.


By technology I mean information technology – i.e. computers, tablets, phones and the infrastructure that allows these to talk with one another, whether this be wires and switches or the internet and cloud. I hope that by showing others how to do things that not only will they succeed in the task at hand but learn new skills that will continue to help them.

Work Examples

Here are four recent examples of published public work:

  1. iPad Productivity Guide – a short self-published book which helps people use their iPad at work.
  2. Instant BlueStacks – a short book published by Packt Publishing which helps users install an Android emulator on their Mac or PC.
  3. 10 Websites Which Teach Coding – written for LifeHack.org this article helps others find web services which will help them learn programming languages.
  4. DLink DNS-320 Dynamic DNS Setup – a YouTube video which shows people how to make the most out of their NAS appliance.


If you’d like some more examples then use the contact form on the right hand side and I will be more than happy to oblige. Otherwise you can read through a breakdown of my work experience on LinkedIn.